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Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant

Soon to be up and running

Our two new treated drinking water reservoirs at the Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant will soon be up and running.

The new drinking water tanks will be connected to the Hauraki Plains supply on June 26, completing the $3.2 million project. We’ll do this at night so you probably won’t notice a thing, but the water pressure will be lower while we carry out this work and there might also be some brown water. If this happens, be sure to run your taps for a few minutes until the water is clear. You can also store some drinking water beforehand if you’re concerned, though the water will be safe to drink during and after the connection work. 

Thanks for your patience while we get this work done.

kerepehi water tanks inside2

Two new drinking water reservoirs

The Council is installing two new 4,015m3 drinking water reservoirs at the Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant. The existing reservoir holds 2000m3, which is not enough to keep Hauraki Plains taps running for long in the event of an unexpected plant shutdown. 

The addition of the new tanks will allow the storage 10,000m3 of clean drinking water, which means about 24 hours of supply in the event of a temporary plant shutdown. 

Site testing

The site was pre-loaded with gravel due to the unstable ground conditions of the Plains. The weight of this gravel compresses the site to find out what will happen to the ground when the weight of a structure is added. The gravel was then removed.

The testing revealed a few things that required a redesign to the reservoir foundations. Not so surprising given the nature of building on the Plains but this held up work at the site for a couple of weeks. It also resulted in a slight increase to our overall investment in the project.


Projects water road

Road resurfacing

Kerepehi Town Road 

Surface work to Kerepehi Town Road will be completed by the end of June

A large trench had been dug across the road while new water pipes were installed.

Reduced water flow

Hauraki Plains residents can expect a reduced water flow rate from about 8:30pm on 26 June.

Expected completion

The new reservoirs are on track to be up and running at the end of June 2019.

“While the new drinking water tanks are being connected, there may be a low flow rate and maybe some brown water,” de Laborde said.

“If so, simply run your taps until the water is clear. Some drinking water can be stored beforehand if you’re concerned, but the water will be safe to drink during and after the shutdown.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to complete this project.


Kerephei water reservoirs

Kerephei water reservoirs3 sm