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Automatic Payments can take the worry out of paying Rates. 

Automatic Payment is an alternative to Easypay (Direct Debit). With Automatic Payment you know exactly how much is coming out of your account regularly, helpful for budgeting and planning ahead. 

Automatic Payments can cover property rates and also water rates if you wish. 

A call to our Rates Department will determine the amount to be deducted, at the frequency you select, to cover your annual rates. The first rating instalment in October of each year would be a good time to contact a Rates Officer to ensure your payments cover any increase in your rates. 

If you wish to start making Automatic Payments  

For important instructions to ensure your money gets credited correctly to YOUR Rates account and to download forms, go to:

How to Set Up Automatic Payments for Property Rates and Water Rates

Questions Answered 

Can I withdraw from the service at anytime?
Yes, you can withdraw at any time by asking your bank to cancel your Automatic Payments Authority. As a courtesy, we would appreciate being advised. 

What happens if I change bank accounts?
Firstly, you should advise the Hauraki District Council that you are changing the account from which payment is to be made, then advise them of your new bank account details. Secondly you should tell your bank when you change your accounts that you have a Automatic Payments loaded, and that it should be transferred as well. 

What bank accounts can I make payments from?
Most banks offer a range of accounts from which payments may be made. Simply enquire at the local branch of your bank. 

What is the difference between an Automatic Payment and Easypay (Direct Debit)?
Automatic Payments are for fixed amounts on a regular frequency and can only be changed by you.
Easypay (Direct Debit) can be for an irregular amount and an irregular frequency. Read more about Easypay. 

What happens if my annual rates total changes?
Contact a Rates Officer to determine the amount your Automatic Payment will need to be adjusted by. You will then need to contact your bank to have the Automatic Payment adjusted. 

Will I still be sent a Rates notice as each instalment falls due?
Yes you will. If you know the Automatic Payment will cover the amount due, you need not do anything. If you are in any doubt please enquire in time before any penalty is incurred. 

Will I be charged a penalty if my Automatic Payment does not cover the full amount and there is a sum outstanding by June 30th?
Yes you will. This is why it is important to talk to a Rates Officer to determine the correct amount of your Automatic Payments required to cover the total rates due. If in doubt please enquire in time to make a payment before the penalty is incurred. 

For further information on Rates Automatic Payments:
Contact the Rates Section of the Hauraki District Council Ph 0800 734 834 (within district free-phone) or (07) 862 8609; or email