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Rating valuations are assigned to every property in New Zealand and updated every three years. Councils use Rating Values as one component in apportioning rates.

Valuations 2021

The Rating Valuation Roll for the Hauraki District has been revised as at 1 September 2021 by Quotable Value Limited as the Council's Valuation Service provider. The new rating valuations will not affect rating calculations until 1 July 2022

View the 2021 Valuations showing a comparison for the current rate year 2021 and the next rate year 2022 (beginning 1 July 2022). 

What are Rating Valuations Used For?

Rating Valuations are solely for the purpose of determining the share of rates each rating unit (property) will pay where rates are levied on a capital value or land value basis. Rates levied on an area or uniform basis, eg per property, are not impacted by rating values.

Rating valuations are not intended to reflect market valuations of properties through the three year life of the valuation. A rating valuation is made at a date in time. In the most recent valuations it is 1 September 2021.

The valuations should not be used for current market valuation purposes. They are used to determine the share of rates payable by individual properties during the period the valuation applies, in Hauraki's case three years.

Who Determines the Rating Valuations?

Hauraki District Council engages a Valuation Service Provider to maintain the rating valuations. Council currently uses Quotable Value to fulfil that role.

What is a Rating Value?

A rating value is assigned to every property in New Zealand. It consists of:

  • The Capital Value - the price a property would be expected to sell for at the time of the revaluation. 
  • The Land Value - the price the land, with no buildings or improvements, would be expected sell for at the time of the revaluation.
  • The Value of Improvements - the value of the buildings or improvements and the difference between the Capital Value and the Land Value.
Find out more

To find out about rating valuations and the revaluation process, visit the  Quotable Value website.

How do I Object?

Objections to the 2021 Rating Valuations have now closed.

What is the rating valuation of my property? 

You can find your valuation and rates information in the Rating Information Database

Search the Rating Information Database