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FoodWasteNew Zealand families waste about $560 each year on food which is thrown uneaten into the rubbish bin.

This adds up to a staggering $872 million for the whole country. It also results in 122,000 tonnes of edible food going to landfill and generating greenhouse gases.

Hauraki District Council is proud to be part of the national LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE NZ campaign which aims to turn this around, by inspiring and enabling people to waste less food.

Tips to reduce food waste and save money

For practical tips on how to reduce your own food waste and save money visit 

For more information about the campaign visit Love Food Hate Waste on Facebook


With a little bit of love and the right recipe you can turn any ingredient into a tasty meal that will be too good to waste. For inspiration for that ingredient that you just don't know what to do with, see 8 WAYS WITH...

Or try the Easy Choice meal planner and recipe book to make dinner time easy. Collect one from any of our Council offices or if you prefer, you can view it online:

  Love food hate waste recipes 

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Groups working to minimise food waste in New Zealand 
  • Community Fruit Harvesting rescues surplus produce from gardens and orchards. For contacts in your area view the locations.
  • Food rescue groups operate across New Zealand. View a location near you. 
  • The Social Pantry operates in six locations around New Zealand.
Complete guide for a Love Food Hate Waste Christmas

The Love Food Hate Waste team have put together a full guide on how to get your fridge ready, making edible gifts, planning your menu, how to love your leftovers, and more including a blank menu planner and shopping list [PDF, 2.3 MB].

Topics on the Complete guide for a Love Food Hate Waste Christmas page include: 

  • How to have a zero waste Christmas
  • Zero down your fridge and freezer this Christmas
  • How to shop with a list and stick to it
  • Edible Christmas gifts you can make with ingredients you already have
  • The ultimate guide for freezing leftovers
  • How to use leftover Christmas treats to flavour ice cream
  • 8 ways with leftover turkey
  • Love your leftovers this Christmas
  • Easy ideas for leftover ham
  • Boxing Day fritters

 Love Food Hate Waste Christmas