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Kerbside Collections

Week 1 begins Monday 29 June 2020

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Your refuse and recycling MUST be placed out for collection BEFORE 7:30am to guarantee pick up.

What Goes in the Wheelie Bin?

The wheelie bins are to be used for:

  • clean plastic (1 and 2)
  • clean tins/cans
  • paper and cardboard

Wheelie Bin

What cannot go in the wheelie bin?

x plastics 3-7
x liquids
x rubbish
hot ashes
oven ware
food waste
bubble wrap
garden waste
electrical goods See Waihi E-Waste Depot
engine oil bottles
automotive parts
disposable nappies
paint and chemicals

What Goes in the Blue Crate?

The blue crates are to be used for:

  • Glass only - empty glass bottles and jars (clear, amber, blue and green).
Blue crateWhat cannot go in the crate?

x broken glass
x light bulbs
x fluorescent tubes
x pyrex dishes and ovenware
x china and crockery – cups, saucers, plates –
x drinking glasses
x window glass
opal glass
x glass bricks
x medical and laboratory glass containers
x TV tubes See Waihi E-Waste Depot
x computer screens See Waihi E-Waste Depot

What if I have too much glass for my crate?

Our contractors will accept extra glass bottles but they must be in an official blue crate. These are available for $15 dollars at any of our offices. Alternatively, our refuse transfer stations all accept recycling at no charge.

Recyclables at the Refuse Transfer Stations

The following CLEAN Recyclable materials are accepted at Hauraki District Council refuse transfer stations at Paeroa and Waihi:

Aluminium cans
Scrap metal
Plastics (grades 1 -and 2)
Car bodies (Clean condition with seat and tyres removed, petrol tank pierced and all other fluids removed)
Car batteries
Tyres (a fee is charged depending on size of tyre)
LPG Bottles (a fee is charged)
Wire Fencing is accepted as long as the batons and posts are REMOVED.

Contaminated containers like Oil containers, Cling wrap and meat trays will not be accepted.

Also view: Waihi E-Waste Depot