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Development contributions help to pay for growth-related infrastructure like a larger Council water reservoir to supply water to a development. When someone applies for consents or connections for development (such as subdividing land or undertaking building work) they will need to pay money to fund growth related infrastructure.

Development Contributions Policy

The 2020 Development Contributions Policy was adopted in June 2020 and comes into effect on 1 July 2020. The policy sets out the Hauraki District Council’s decision on how it will charge for development contributions and should be read in conjunction with the 2018-28 Long Term Plan.

Projects requiring development contributions

Development contributions may be required for both residential and non-residential development, if the development creates a demand for council-provided infrastructure.

The amount of development contributions you would be required to pay will depend on the type of development you are undertaking.

To find out whether you are required to pay a development contribution on your project and get an estimate for the amount, contact the Development Engineer via email at  or 07 862 8609.

Common types of developments

The most common types of development which trigger payment of a development contribution are:

  • Subdividing a property;
  • Altering a dwelling so it can be used as two households
  • Building or expanding a new non-residential building;
  • Connecting to the stormwater, water or wastewater infrastructure.
Less obvious types of development

There are other developments that may trigger payment of a development contribution.

  • More than one house on an allotment
  • Building a new residential building;
  • Building a granny flat or sleep-out or other additional spaces
  • Adding more bedrooms 
  • Changing the primary use of a building (e.g. residential to commercial or vice versa)
  • Connecting a new or existing building to council’s water/wastewater network
  • Relocating buildings

Note: credits for buildings removed. When a building has been removed or demolished, a credit will apply to the site and the amount will be offset against any future development of the site. 

See more about types of development requiring development contribution payments.

How are development contributions calculated?

We calculated the contributions by determining the capacity on the various infrastructure available for the next 30 years. Once calculated we divided the cost of growth-related capital expenditure in a specific area by the amount of growth anticipated in that area or across the town where the infrastructure exists (e.g. water plant capacity upgrades).

We have appointed a professional company to assist us with expected growth in the district.

Open Schedule of Development Contribution


Challenging a development contribution charge

Processes are in place should a person:

  • request reconsideration of the requirement to pay a development contribution,
  • object to paying a development contribution or
  • request a deferral/postponement on the payment of a development contribution fee.

Each process is accompanied by a strict statutory timeframe in which the applicant must submit a formal notice to the Council challenging the development contributions assessment and provide certain information to support that challenge.

Further information is available in Section 4.9 of the current Development Contributions Policy 2020 [PDF, 1.4 MB] pdf.gif

If you believe the Council has made an error in calculating a development contribution charge, a request for reconsideration must be made within 10 working days after the date on which the person lodging the request received notice of the development contribution required.

A request for reconsideration must:

  • be in writing using the 'Application for reconsideration' form 
  • set out the grounds and reasons for the request
  • specify the outcome which is sought.

In processing an application for reconsideration the Council will consider whether:

  • the development contribution was incorrectly calculated or assessed under the development contributions policy
  • whether the development contributions policy has been incorrectly applied
  • whether the information used to assess the development against the development contributions policy, or the way the Council has recorded or used it when requiring a development contribution, was incomplete or contained errors.

The Council must give written notice of the outcome of the reconsideration to the person who made the request within 10 working-days of the date on which the Council received all information relating to the request.

If you wish to request a reconsideration of your assessed development contribution, please complete the online form.

Apply online 

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