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Kaimai Wind Farm Ltd has lodged resource consent applications with Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council for consent to establish and operate a 24 turbine wind farm on the north western area of the Kaimai Ranges, south of Paeroa.


Submissions are now closed on Kaimai Windfarm Ltd’s proposed wind farm project.

Overall Hauraki District Council received 220 submissions on the proposal, of which 57 were in support and 157 were opposed to the idea. Waikato Regional Council submissions totalled 143, with 96 against and 42 in support of the proposal. Around 11 submissions were sitting on the fence without leaning one way or the other.

Proposed Kaimai Wind Farm Resource Consent Applications

Kaimai Wind Farm Ltd has lodged resource consent applications with Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council for consent to establish and operate a 24 turbine wind farm on the north western area of the Kaimai Ranges, south of Paeroa.

The resource consent application to the Hauraki District Council seeks consent to all landuse activities associated with the construction and operation of the proposed wind farm.

The application site covers 771 and 604 Rotokohu Road and 6356 SH26 ( 1304 hectares).

Twenty four large scale wind turbines are proposed, 7 of them 180 metres high (to blade tip standing upright), and 17 of them 207 metres high.

Proposed associated structures include a substation, 2 lattice transmission towers, 2 overhead lines, and 18.9km of roading – all within the application site.

Earthworks will include 900,000m3 of cut material and 113,500m3 of engineered fill.

It is estimated that 53,000m3 of finishing aggregate will be needed for the on-site roads. This is proposed to be obtained from roading excavations and one on site quarry.

The main site access is proposed to be from the south- from Wright Road, which comes off Rawhiti Road – the turbine parts are proposed to be transported from Tauranga, through Matamata-Piako District to the site. All other construction and materials transport traffic is also proposed to access the site from Wright Road.

The resource consent application to the Waikato Regional Council seeks consent to specific aspects of land use – removal of vegetation, earthworks, to permit the discharge of surplus soil and surface water associated with the construction phase of the project and culvert upgrades.

Public Notification

As requested by the applicant, the applications have been made publicly notified - in the Piako Post and Waikato Times on 28 November 2018, Waihi Leader on 29 November 2018 and Hauraki Herald on 30 November 2018.

The submission period closed on Thursday 31 January 2019.

For further details see the public notice - Notice of Resource Consent Applications for Proposed Wind Farm

The documents below are available for viewing in Adobe Acrobat PDF documentAdobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader , please visit to download a free copy of the reader.

Requests for Further information

HDC - Further Information Requested [PDF, 179 KB] pdf.gif

HDC - Further Information Response from the Applicant [PDF, 639 KB]

WRC - Further Information Requested [PDF, 155 KB] pdf.gif

WRC - Further information S92 Response from the Applicant [PDF, 239 KB] pdf.gif

Resource Consent Applications 

Covering letter to Hauraki District Council (HDC) [PDF, 99 KB] pdf.gif

Covering letter to Waikato Regional Council (WRC) [PDF, 99 KB] pdf.gif

Resource Consent Application - HDC Form 9 [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif

Resource Consent Application - WRC Forms A,B,C [PDF, 696 KB] pdf.gif

Assessment of Affects (AEE)

Kaimai Wind Farm Assessment of Environmental Effects [PDF, 8.6 MB] pdf.gif

Attachment A - Miscellaneous and Legal Documents

  1. Certificates of Title [PDF, 1.6 MB] pdf.gif
  2. Written Approvals (still to come)
  3. Consultation Record [PDF, 265 KB] pdf.gif
  4. Consultation Information [PDF, 2.6 MB] pdf.gif
  5. Proposed Conditions of Consent (to be completed)
  6. Table of RMA Fourth Schedule compliance [PDF, 104 KB] pdf.gif
  7. Transpower High Level Review Report [PDF, 383 KB] pdf.gif

Attachment B – Technical Reports (some sections have been separated into parts due to the large file size)

  1. Archaeological [PDF, 1.9 MB] pdf.gif | Appendix A [PDF, 7.4 MB] pdf.gif | Appendix B - part 1 [PDF, 7.6 MB] pdf.gif | Appendix B - part 2 [PDF, 8.8 MB] pdf.gif | Appendix C - part 1 [PDF, 8.3 MB] pdf.gif | Appendix C - part 2 [PDF, 9.5 MB] pdf.gif
  2. Aviation [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif
  3. Blank
  4. Civil Peer Review [PDF, 2.4 MB] pdf.gif
  5. Construction [PDF, 6.3 MB] pdf.gif
  6. Ecology - Site [PDF, 7.8 MB] pdf.gif
  7. Ecology - Environs [PDF, 5.2 MB] pdf.gif
  8. Electricity Market [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif
  9. Geotechnical [PDF, 7.6 MB] pdf.gif | Geotechnical  Appendices 1 & 2 [PDF, 8.1 MB] pdf.gif
  10. Noise [PDF, 1.5 MB] pdf.gif
  11. Turbine Transportation [PDF, 6.4 MB] pdf.gif  Superseded by Appendix 4 - HDC - further information response from applicant
  12. Landscape [PDF, 1.9 MB] pdf.gif
  13. Landscape Peer Review [PDF, 91 KB] pdf.gif
  14. Project Rationale [PDF, 3.8 MB] pdf.gif
  15. Radio Communications [PDF, 3.4 MB] pdf.gif
  16. Shadow Flicker [PDF, 3.2 MB] pdf.gif
  17. Siltation [PDF, 1 MB] pdf.gif
  18. Stormwater - part 1 [PDF, 7.4 MB]  pdf.gif| Stormwater - part 2 [PDF, 2.8 MB] pdf.gif
  19. Tourism [PDF, 1.6 MB] pdf.gif
  20. Traffic - part 1 [PDF, 6.1 MB] pdf.gif | Traffic - part 2 [PDF, 5.2 MB] pdf.gif

 Attachment C – Miscellaneous Drawings

  1. Site Layout [PDF, 2.7 MB] pdf.gif
  2. Dwellings within 2km [PDF, 2.8 MB] pdf.gif
  3. Sub-Station Drawing [PDF, 363 KB] pdf.gif
  4. Farm Management Maps [PDF, 4.9 MB] pdf.gif

Attachment D – Civil Drawings Superseded by Civil drawings in Appendix 11B - HDC - further information response from applicant

  1. Civil Drawings [PDF, 122 KB] pdf.gif
  2. Drawing 200 - General arrangement plan [PDF, 6 MB] pdf.gif
  3. Drawing 200-01-02 - General arrangement plan detail plan sheet [PDF, 7.5 MB] pdf.gif
  4. Drawing 200-03-04 - General arrangement plan detail plan sheet [PDF, 7.3 MB] pdf.gif
  5. Drawing 200-05 - General arrangement plan detail plan sheet [PDF, 4.5 MB] pdf.gif
  6. Drawing 200-06-07 - General arrangement plan detail plan sheet [PDF, 7.5 MB] pdf.gif
  7. Drawing 210-01-06 - Proposed turbine platforms [PDF, 7.1 MB] pdf.gif
  8. Drawing 210-07-12 - Proposed turbine platforms [PDF, 7.7 MB] pdf.gif
  9. Drawing 210-13-16 - Proposed turbine platforms [PDF, 6.7 MB] pdf.gif
  10. Drawing 210-17-20 - Proposed turbine platforms [PDF, 6.6 MB] pdf.gif
  11. Drawing 210-21-24 - Proposed turbine platforms [PDF, 5.4 MB] pdf.gif
  12. Drawing 211-1-3 - Proposed assembly areas [PDF, 4.1 MB] pdf.gif
  13. Drawing 212 - Proposed substation platform [PDF, 1.9 MB] pdf.gif

Attachment E – Photomontages

Summary Documents Prepared by Applicant