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When considering signage please contact the Council office first to ascertain whether your sign proposal will need Resource Consent for the sign to be placed where you have proposed. If it is found that your proposal is not normally permitted then you will require a Resource Consent to erect your sign.

When making your application, it must be provided to Council with a completed application form Application for Resource Consent - Form 9 [PDF, 165 KB] Adobe PDF document and details of the proposal as listed below.

Application forms are also available from all Council Offices.

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Your application must include:

Plans of the signs:
  • Showing exact proposed location in relation to intersections, other signs, bends in the road etc
  • Plan of the proposed sign itself showing colour, size, wording and size of letters
  • Photos of the proposed site(s) with exact site marked
Reasons for wanting to erect the sign:
  • Purpose of the sign
  • Need for the sign
Assessment of effects:

Effects of the sign on the amenities of the area where you want to erect it:

  • Will the sign itself, or the size, colour, or wording add to or detract from the appearance of the area?

Effects of the sign on Road Safety:

  • You will need to show that the sign will not unnecessarily distract drivers’ attention from the road, thereby ensuring it does not create a traffic hazard
  • If the sign is not going to be on your own land then you need to submit the landowner’s consent
  • If the sign is to be located alongside a State Highway, or will be visible from a State Highway you must obtain a statement from the New Zealand Transport Agency about the proposal
  • If you cannot obtain the approval of the New Zealand Transport Agency, the application may be notified, or limited notified.

Fees and charges: