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Corridor Access Request

A Corridor Access Request (CAR) is an application for a permit to carry out works within the road reserve. It is required to ensure all work sites in the road reserve are as safe as possible for workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. (The road reserve is defined as boundary to boundary).

A CAR is required for any activity that:

  • Alters, or creates the need for alterations, to the surface of any part of the road reserve (road, footpath, berm).
  • Changes the everyday manner in which road users (pedestrians, motorists, cyclists) would ordinarily use that section of road reserve.
How to apply for a Corridor Access Request

Complete the online application via Submitica


Note: No fees are associated with the usage of Submitica. However Hauraki District Council Fees & Charges [PDF, 907 KB] PDF document may apply.

Note: CAR applications may require additional information such as:

  • A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) (As from 1 April 2020 all TMPs submitted for approval must be prepared by a Code of Practise for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM) warranted Temporary Traffic Management Planner (TTM).)
  • Site or layout plan
    • Ensure the plan is clear and easy to read.
    • Must be site specific and show the full extent of services to be installed, e.g. in the footpath outside 2 First Avenue to 107 First Avenue.
Locating underground services

Prior to applying for a Corridor Access Request for any excavation within the Road Reserve, you must be aware of other in-ground utilities. All Utility Operators affected must be advised of your intention to undertake work and seek approval where required.

Use the beforeUdig online service at to help locate and protect underground pipes, cables and wires in the area you are planning to work.

before you dig -

Works Access Permit (WAP)

Once the traffic management team has approved your CAR application, they will issue a Works Access Permit (WAP). This is your permission to undertake those works. Special conditions may apply, to which you are legally required to follow.


While you are working in the road reserve the traffic management team will make regular inspections to ensure that:

  • efficient traffic flow is maintained on the road during the work,
  • safety is maintained on the road and footpaths,
  • the footpath/driveways are kept clean - free of construction materials and equipment at all times unless prior arrangements are made with the Corridor Manager,
  • applicants must reinstate any work sites, once work has been completed, to its original state or comply with any special conditions set out by the Corridor Manager,
  • all work is documented for future use.