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Did you know that your motorbike helmet has an expiry date? What to know the safety rating of your helmet? 

Want to know how you can reduce your motorcycle risk go to:

Are you a group rider, returning to riding or interested in gaining more skills check out: 

With its beautiful scenery and curving rhythm the Coromandel Loop is a favourite for Kiwi riders. The Loop is a challenging ride, which means the things that make it enjoyable also make it risky. That’s why you need to keep your head in the game. 

Where do I find the Motorcycle Road Code?

The NZ Transport Agency website has the Official New Zealand Road Code for Motorcyclists online.

Pump Up Your Ride!

When was the last time you 'Pumped up your ride'?
Check your tyres before you ride when they are cold.

Do you know what your motorbike tyre pressure should be?
Your bike manual or your tyre sidewall has your correct tyre pressure.

Over inflation may result in reduced contact with the road
Not to mention an uncomfortable ride and your centre tread wearing down.

Prolonged under-inflation causes excessive flexing and rapid wear of tyre tread
Your motorbike may also consume more petrol costing you extra!

The Waikato has amazing roads for some awesome riding, it also has a history of horrific motorcycle crashes.
From 2005 to 2009 50 riders have been injured and 10 fatal - you don't want to add to that number!

Brought to you by East Waikato Road Safety