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Subdivisions - Process and time frames

The Rules for Subdivision in the Hauraki area of the Hauraki District are set out in Section 9 of the Hauraki section of the District Plan.

The Rules for Subdivision in the Franklin area of the Hauraki District are set out in the Franklin section of the District Plan .

For a general guide to Subdivision see The Subdivision Process below. Also read further information about Residential Subdivisions - Hauraki Area .

The rules for Rural Subdivisions are very site specific therefore it is advisable to contact the Duty Planner if you need advice on a particular property.

Phone 0800 734834 from within the District or (07) 862 8609

 The Subdivision Process

  1. Submit a formal application
  2. Processing of application
  3. Surveying
  4. Completing conditions
  5. Obtaining title

If you are planning on subdividing your property, the following is a general guide to the process.

1. Submit a Formal Application

You will need to submit a formal application to Council for resource consent to subdivide your property. It is strongly recommended that you engage a surveyor to submit an application on your behalf. The application needs to include a written report, and a plan showing the position of new boundaries, the area of new lots, and the location of existing buildings, see Subdivision Application Form 9 [PDF, 1.4 MB] [PDF, 1.7 MB] Adobe PDF document and Schedule 4 to the Resource Management Act (95 KB)Adobe PDF document for full requirements.

2. Processing of Application

For full details please see Processing applications - Subdivision, Land Use and Permitted Boundary Activities

Time Frames 
Non Notified Resource Consent - 20 working days (Once Council has all necessary information).

Limited Notified Resource Consents take a maximum of 100 working days (if no suspensions are made by Council or the applicant).

Notified Resource Consents take a maximum of 130 working days (if no suspensions are made by Council or the applicant).

If consent is granted to the subdivision, there are likely to be a number of conditions attached (eg. sewer and water connections for urban developments, construction of rights of way, etc).

3. Surveying

The next step is for your surveyor to do the physical surveying of the lots and submit a final plan for Council's approval. It is up to you and your surveyor how long it takes to complete this step (provided the plan is submitted within 5 years of consent being granted), however Council may take up to 10 working days for processing of the plan once received. This step is referred to as a '223 approval'. At this stage the surveyor can lodge the survey plan with Land Information New Zealand for approval.

4. Completing Conditions

The next step is to complete any works required as a condition of consent, pay any outstanding contributions/fees, and then apply to Council for a completion certificate (referred to as a '224 certificate'). Your surveyor will usually assist you through this process. Once again it is up to you how long you take to complete this step (provided it is within 3 years of the 223 approval).

5. Obtaining Title

Following completion of the conditions (and obtaining of a 224 certificate from Council) the surveyor will then send the 224 certificate to your solicitor who submits this, with any other legal documents required, to Land Information New Zealand, for issue of new titles.