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Tirohia Landfill Resource Consent

View information about this application.

New mining proposals

OceanaGold presents proposal to extend mining life in Waihi to 2037 and beyond

The subdivision application is usually submitted by a surveyor on behalf of an applicant.

Checklist of Information to be Submitted

arrow Completed Resource Consent Application Form 9 [PDF, 1.7 MB] Adobe PDF document
Please note: Form 9 will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be filled in on screen to be saved or printed. We recommend you update to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure the form retains the data you type in. Otherwise the form may save as a blank and lose your work. The latest version of adobe Acrobat Reader can be found at 

arrowFull details of your proposal, including:

  • Existing and proposed easements
  • Existing and proposed amalgamation conditions
  • How the proposed subdivision complies with the subdivision and performance standards specified in the District Plan. Where the subdivision does not comply, the manner in which the assessment criteria, objectives and policies, etc, are met.

arrowEnvironmental Assessment - Schedule 4 to the RMA (95KB)Adobe PDF document (in accordance with the 4th schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991)

arrowIf your site fronts a State Highway or has an effect on a State Highway, a statement from New Zealand Transport Agency.

arrowAppropriate fee deposit.  View the Resource Management Fees

arrowA plan and adequate information to show:

  • all the land being subdivided, the legal description and Certificate of Title boundaries of the land and the area and dimensions of all new lots
  • the position of all new boundaries, and the areas of all new lots
  • the location and areas of new reserves to be created, including esplanade reserves or esplanade strips to be set aside
  • the location and area of land to vest in Council as road
  • the location and areas of any part of the bed of a river or lake which is required to be shown on a survey plan as land to be vested in the Crown
  • contours and spot heights to show the general fall of the land and appropriate grade of roads or access.

arrowCopy of the current Certificates of Title for the land being subdivided

arrowInformation on the existing and proposed services

arrowDetails of any consultation undertaken and the results of that consultation

arrowFive copies of the subdivision report and five full scale copies of the scheme plan along with a good quality A4 reduction shall be supplied.

Additional full scale copies of the plan are required in the following situations:

  • Amalgamation of Lots 1 extra 
  • Waiver of Esplanade Reserve 1 extra 
  • Land abutting a Railway or State Highway 1 extra