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How much does it cost?

The costs of subdividing can vary. The types of costs outlined below are meant only as a guideline. Council may charge additional fees where the costs to Council exceed the fee paid.

Set Charges
  • Minimum fee payable for lodging of application
    • $1,500.00 (non notified)
    • $2,000.00 (limited notified)
    • $5,000.00 (publicly notified)
  • 221 Certificate (A Consent Notice) $200.00
  • 223 Certificate (Approval of Survey Plan) $200.00
  • 224 Certificate (Full Compliance with Council’s Consent)
    • Not requiring engineering consideration $400.00
    • Requiring engineering consideration $650.00

+ Inspection Charges (per inspection) $200.00

Council Charges

View the schedule of Resource Management fees.

Other Possible Costs

Any relevant reports required to support the application; Service Connections for each lot (where available) such as water connections, sewer connections; vehicle entrances; power and telephone connections for each lot; compliance with any other condition(s) imposed; surveyor charges;legal costs.

How long does it take?

Non Notified Resource Consent - 20 working days (Once Council has all necessary information)

Limited Notified Resource Consents take a maximum of 100 working days (if no suspensions are made by Council or the applicant).

Notified Resource Consents take a maximum of 130 working days (if no suspensions are made by Council or the applicant).

When the Resource Consent has been issued you have up to 5 years to gain your 223 Certificate (Approval of Survey Plan), then a further 3 years to gain a 224 Certificate (full compliance with Council consent).