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Quote Request for Utilities Connections and Entrances

If you would like to make a request to have work completed by our Construction and Maintenance team for a connection to utilities - water, sewer or stormwater - or a vehicle crossing/driveway entrance, please complete a quote request form below. 

Water Connections

Any connection to Council water mains must be done by our Council's Construction and Maintenance team. You will need to complete a quote request form, available below. 

Sewer Connections and Stormwater Connections 

If you require work to be done by our Construction and Maintenance team to connect to Council's sewer or stormwater systems, you will need to complete a quote request form available below.

Sewer connections and stormwater connections can also be carried out by yourself or a private contractor following the approved regulations. 

Vehicle Crossing/Driveway Entrances

If you want our construction and maintenance team to construct or modify a vehicle crossing/driveway entrance for you, please complete a quote request form.

If you or your contractor will be creating your vehicle crossing/driveway entrance you will need a permit. All vehicle crossings must be approved by the Council and inspected by our staff throughout construction. Find out more about vehicle crossings, including specifications and the permit application form.

Quote Request Form

To get a quote for the work you require, use the Online Quote Request form:

Quote Request for 
Construction & Maintenance Works 

Location of Services

Use our Online maps to look for services on existing properties or contact us for further information.