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Rates changes from 1 July

Hauraki District ratepayers will see some changes to their rates after 1 July 2019.

Dog registration time

All dogs 3 months and older must be registered before 31 July.

We need to talk

Check out the issues we’re currently seeking feedback on and tell us what you think.

Kerbside Collections

Week 1 begins Monday 17 June 2019

Proposed Wind Farm

Submissions closed / awaiting decision
04/04/2014 12:00am

Creative Communities Scheme

Funding for local arts

Applications for funding assistance to local arts projects and initiatives within the territory of the Hauraki District Council are now being received.

The scheme’s three funding criteria are:

  1. Broad community involvement – Your project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities;
  2. Diversity – Your project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity; and
  3. Young people – Your project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

Application forms are available from council offices at: William Street, Paeroa; Seddon Street, Waihi; Orchard Road, Ngatea.

Applications close 4:00pm Wednesday 30 April 2014

For further information contact:

Administrator - Creative Communities Scheme
Hauraki District Council
Ph: 07 862 8609 or toll free within District 0800 734 834

2014 Local Governance Statement

As required by Section 40 of the Local Government Act, 2002 Council reviewed and adopted its 2014 Local Governance Statement on 26 March 2014.
The statement includes information such as:

  • the functions, responsibilities, and activities of the local authority
  • a list of any local legislation, bylaws and key policy documents
  • the electoral system and representation arrangements, including the opportunity to change it
  • Council members’ roles and governance structures and Council management structures
  • meeting processes
  • processes for requests for official information.

The Local Governance Statement provides readers with a one stop shop of information relating to Council. It is a great place to start if you have any questions regarding: how Council works; what function the elected members have, or how you can expect to be consulted with for example. Naturally if this document doe not answer all of your questions you can call Council for more information and be directed to an appropriate person.

The Local Governance Statement is available on Councils website at or by calling Council on 07 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (from within the District) and requesting a copy.

Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw

Pursuant to section 157 of the Local Government Act, 2002, notifi cation is hereby given that the following amendment to the Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw was adopted at a meeting of the Hauraki District Council on 26 March 2014 and will come into force on 7 April 2014:

Part 3 (Public Safety)
Section 6.0, Part 2 of Schedule 7: Prohibited and Restricted Areas for Dogs was amended to include a ban of dogs on the Hauraki Rail Trail between ‘the gateway directly south of the western end of the pedestrian footbridge which traverses the Ohinemuri River adjacent to the Victoria Battery,
Waikino, through to the northern side of the Hauraki Rail Trail swing bridge (C-11), Waihi’.

The Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw can be viewed at the libraries and Council offices
in Ngatea, Paeroa and Waihi, downloaded on the Council website or obtained by calling 07 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (from within the District).

L D Cavers
Chief Executive
Hauraki District Council

Liquor Bans

Easter Weekend

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw that the consumption of alcoholic liquor, the bringing of liquor or of empty liquor containers and the possession of liquor or empty liquor containers in the public places identifi ed below is hereby prohibited during the periods identified below.

Liquor Bans - Whiritoa

All public places including Roads, Beaches and Reserves are included in the prohibition for the Easter Weekend Public Holiday.

Dates and Times – Whiritoa Liquor Ban

During the Easter Weekend Public Holiday being from 4.00pm Thursday 17 April 2014 to 4.00am Tuesday 22 April 2014 inclusive.

Liquor Bans - Paeroa, Ngatea and Waihi

That the consumption and bringing into and possession of liquor in all public places including, roads and reserves are prohibited at all times within areas of the townships listed below:


  • Within the 50 kilometre speed limit areas of Waihi township, and
  • Within the 70 kilometre speed limit of Seddon Avenue, East from the Margaret Street/Toomey Street intersection to the 50 kph speed limit sign East of the Martin Road/Baber Street intersection.

Paeroa and Ngatea

  • Within the 50 kilometre speed limit areas of the Paeroa and Ngatea townships.


Any person who commits an offence against the prohibition may be convicted and fined up to $20,000.00.

Powers of Police

The Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw authorises any member of the New Zealand Police
to act under sections 169 and 170 of the Local Government Act 2002, including the exercise of
the power under section 170(2) to immediately and without further notice search a container or vehicle.

L D Cavers
Chief Executive
Hauraki District Council