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Rates changes from 1 July

Hauraki District ratepayers will see some changes to their rates after 1 July 2019.

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Kerbside Collections

Week 2 begins Monday 27 May 2019

Proposed Wind Farm

Submissions closed / awaiting decision
10/04/2015 12:00am

Water Restrictions

From 16 February 2015

Notice to all residents of the Hauraki District

Unless the recent rainfall is followed up by further rain, river levels are expected to soon fall back to previous low levels. At present caution is called for, and it is still necessary to continue to restrict the use of water, in accordance with Council’s Water Supply Management Plan relating to its consents to take water from rivers and streams.

For Waihi, Waikino, Mackaytown and Karangahake until further notice a ban remains in place on the use of lawn and garden sprinklers. Only hand held hoses may be used until the situation improves.

If you see water leaks or excessive usage or wastage of water in your area, please report this to Council.

Information regarding ways residents can conserve water can be found on the Hauraki District Council website at

Click on the SmartWaterUse logo.  Smart Water Use

It may be necessary to increase the level of restriction if the dry weather period is extended. Your cooperation and efforts to conserve water now contribute to ensuring that water is available for essential and emergency needs.

For further inquiries please phone (07) 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (from within the Hauraki District, no cell phones).

Ken Thompson
District Engineer
Hauraki District Council

Liqour Ban - ANZAC Weekend

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw that the consumption of alcoholic liquor, the bringing of liquor or of empty liquor containers and the possession of liquor or empty liquor containers in the public places identifi ed below is hereby prohibited during the periods identifi ed below.

Liquor Bans - Whiritoa

All public places including roads, beaches and reserves are included in the prohibition for the Anzac Weekend Public Holiday.

Dates and Times – Whiritoa Liquor Ban

During the Anzac Weekend Public Holiday being from 4.00pm Friday 24 April 2015 to 4.00am Tuesday 28 April 2015 inclusive.

Liquor Bans - Paeroa, Ngatea and Waihi

That the consumption and bringing into and possession of liquor in all public places including, roads and reserves are prohibited at all times within areas of the townships listed below:


• Within the 50 kilometre speed limit areas of Waihi township, and
• Within the 70 kilometre speed limit of Seddon Avenue, East from the Margaret Street/Toomey Street intersection to the 50 kph speed limit sign East of the Martin Road/Baber Street intersection.

Paeroa and Ngatea

• Within the 50 kilometre speed limit areas of the Paeroa and Ngatea townships.


Any person who commits an offence against the prohibition may be convicted and fi ned up to $20,000.00.

Powers of Police

The Hauraki District Council Consolidated Bylaw authorises any member of the New Zealand Police to act under sections 169 and 170 of the Local Government Act 2002, including the exercise of the power under section 170(2) to immediately and without further notice search a container or vehicle.

Tender Notice - Removal or Demolition

Paeroa Bridge Club Building, Wood Street Paeroa

Council is calling for tenders for the removal or demolition of the Paeroa Bridge Club Building at Wood Street, Paeroa.

The building is constructed of a timber floor, wooden windows, corrugated iron roof and fibre cement weatherboard cladding. Total floor area of the building is 128 m2.

The conditions of the Tender are available from Council’s Service Centre at William Street, Paeroa, or by phoning the Property Manager, Dennis Lees on 07 862 8609 or 0274 875 609.

Tenders close with Council at 2.00pm Friday, 24 April 2015.

Council may not accept every or any Tender submitted.

LD Cavers
Chief Executive
Hauraki District Council

Situation Vacant

District Parks and General Overseer

Here is your opportunity to make a real difference in the community, working in a small friendly team to deliver the essential services that make our area a great place to live.

As the District Parks and General Overseer you will be supervising a small team within our Construction and Maintenance Business Unit. Responsibilities include the maintenance and care of parks and reserves, road-side mowing, amenity plantings, streetcleaning and responding to customer enquiries. You will need to be able to plan for the best use of labour, plant and resources as well as get on with a wide range of people.

At least three years working knowledge and practical experience is essential in supervision of staff and related fi eld. You will also need basic computer skills and the ability to communicate well.

For further details or to apply electronically please visit our website, or contact Sue Greenville on 07 862 5024 or Julie Sweeney on 07 862 5023.

Applications close Thursday, 28 April 2015

“At Hauraki District Council … It’s More than Just a Job!”