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18/11/2022 4:00pm

Temporary Road Closure

Pursuant to the Section 11(e) of the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974, notice is hereby given that for the purpose of Beach Hop 2022 Waihi Annual Classic Car Parade and Show organised by Go Waihi it is intended to close the following roads to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder. During the proposed period of closure provision will be made for ordinary vehicular traffic, which would otherwise use the road, to use alternative routes.

Date of closure: Wednesday 23 November 2022

Time of closure: 6:00am to 3.00pm

Road to be closed:

  • Seddon St (from School Ln/SH2 intersection to entire Seddon St)
  • Gilmour St (from Kenny St/SH25 intersection to Seddon St)
  • Muller St (road closure from roundabout of Seddon St to Property No. 3 Muller St)
  • Haszard St (road closure from Property No. 24 on Haszard St to Martha St)
  • SH2 (from intersection of SH2 and Kenny St to the intersection of School Ln and SH2)
  • Morseby Ave (from Property No. 80 to SH2 roundabout)

Alternative provision for ordinary vehicular traffic will be made with signs, cones and barriers to redirect traffic on detour.

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the road for ordinary vehicular traffic during the proposed period of closure

L D Cavers
Chief Executive
Hauraki District Council